W. Dale Summerford
Gadsden County Tax Collector

Millage Rates 2017

Taxing Authority

Millage Rate

Gadsden County Board of County Commissioners 8.90640
Gadsden School Board Discretionary 2.24800
Gadsden School Board Required Local Effort 4.28900
NW FL Water Management District 0.03530
City of Quincy 4.54200
City of Chattahoochee 0.96370
Town of Greensboro 5.00000
City of Gretna 4.81990
City of Midway 5.00000
Town of Havana 1.87770

Millage Rates are determined annually by the members of each local governing board,  council or commission.

For 2017, the Total Millage Rate for property located in the unincorporated area of the county is 15.47870. If the property is located within a city, add that city's millage rate to county total.