W. Dale Summerford
Gadsden County Tax Collector

License Types

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  All deer hunters are required to purchase a Deer Permit in the amount of $ 5.00. The Deer Permit is included in the purchase of an annual Sportsman's License, Lifetime Sportman's License, Gold and Military Gold Sportman's License, Lifetime Resident Hunting;  and is also covered in the issuance of a Senior Citizen License(65+) and Disability License.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2008, Florida Senior Citizen Licenses are no longer honored by the State of Georgia. Florida Seniors are now required to purchase non-resident licenses if hunting or fishing in Georgia. Likewise, Georgia Seniors are now required to purchase non-resident licenses if hunting or fishing in Florida.

Florida Resident Sportsman's and Gold Sportsman's Licenses

The Florida Sportsman's and Gold Sportman's Licenses satisfy all state requirements for recreational hunting and freshwater fishing for Florida residents. The Sportman's License does not include Saltwater Fishing, while the Gold Sportman's License does include Saltwater Fishing. In addition, the Florida Sportsman's and Gold Sportman's Licenses do not include permits for Resident Trapping License, Federal Waterfowl Stamps, Resident Commercial License or Resident Fish Dealers license. This permit is valid 12 months from the date of issuance.

Lifetime Sportsman's License

For the avid sportsman who wants the convenience of securing permits for all hunting and fishing activities offered in Florida, for a one time fee, a Lifetime Sportsman's License is available. This permit includes hunting, freshwater and saltwater fishing, muzzleloading, archery, management, turkey, Florida waterfowl, snook, and crawfish stamps. This unique license remains valid if the purchaser moves out of state.

Miscellaneous Licenses

The Tax Collector's Office also sells:

  • Non-resident hunting and fishing licenses
  • Archery and muzzle-loading permits
  • State duck permits
  • Management area permits
  • Snook and crawfish permits
  • Turkey permits
  • Deer permits